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Using technology to control devices without human interaction.  Some common examples are listed below.


Close the garage door if it has been open for a period of time and you are not home

Adjust thermostat if the windows are open for more than 10 minutes                     

Schedule fans to run based on the humidity of a room

Turn on lights randomly if you are on vacation

Receive a notification if the water heater is leaking 

After dark, your lights can turn on automatically upon your arrival

Ensure devices are turned off when not in use

Stop the sprinkler system from running if it is raining or has recently rained

Receive a notification if your refrigerator failed

Lock your doors if there is no one home or after a period of time while home

Sound an alarm and flash lights if a window breaks or motion is tripped

Monitor your homes energy consumption

Wake up to Amazon Echo or Google Home giving you a weather report

Program shades and drapes to open and close automatically based on the position of the sun

Get notified when the liquor cabinet has been opened 

Control heated floors based on outside temperature


Count the number of people entering your business

Turn on lights if motion is sensed in a room

Sound an alarm if the security system is tripped

Receive a notification if a temperature goes out of set range

Turn off your wireless network outside of business hours

Automatically adjust thermostat to save money

Schedule fans to run based on the humidity of a room

Turn on lights randomly after dark if the business is closed


Feed livestock at set times

Adjust climate control systems based on environment

Control silo fill and empty process

Ensure livestock doors remain closed and receive alerts

Turn on aeration based on humidity in silos

Receive a notification if any part of a system fails

Get an alert if inventory is getting low

Make decisions based on current and future weather predictions


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