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In order to keep our costs low and forward those savings to you, we do not accept payments.  We do request that equipment is paid prior to work beginning and any remaining balance is due once work is completed.

Yes! Once the job is complete the equipment is yours to keep.  We can move equipment for a small fee if requested.  Otherwise you can simply label it, and put the equipment back how it was and it will work just like before.

We choose the robin hood hat because it best fit our business model.  PTP is and will always be there for you.  All of our savings are passed on to our customers. We are the robin hoods of internet and everything electronic. We provide solutions that ISP’s don't want you to know and no other company provides.

Our solution provides you with a lifetime solution, we have no monthly fees or contracts, support lasts a lifetime, and devices can be used for other random automations. Other automations can save you money on other utilities. Our solutions will pay for themselves over time. 


* Equipment is yours
* No contracts or monthly fees
* Service will last forever
* Devices can be integrated into automations for more use case scenarios.  

No however, you will be notified if an event occurs just like ADT, COX, etc. In order for us to offer you savings, no contracts, and no monthly fees it will be up to you to make the call to 911.

You can be notified in many different forms including but not limited to: Notifications on mobile devices, emails, text messages.  Anyone or any device you would like can be notified during a security event. This could be Family, friends, neighbors, etc. 

Yes, we will put a security sign in your yard, lights can turn on/off randomly, garage doors can automatically be shut, doors can automatically be locked, outlets can be shut off after extended use.

Other forms:
* Water leakage
* CO2 detection
* The sky's the limit.

Smart Home

Presence detection enables your home to know if you are home or not. This is commonly done by using your phone or bluetooth fob. This opens the door to endless automations such as presence based:
* Lights
* Locks
* Climate
* Media
* Etc 

Presence detection is NOT required

No, PTP strives to keep everything local for security and reliability.

Yes, you can easily add devices, automations, and customizations at any time to better suit your needs.


Our cameras are 1080p, the same High Def resolution as most TV’s.

IR is Infrared light, This can be picked up by the camera and not human eyes to provide a clear picture in complete darkness. The outdoor Bullet supports an Extended IR ring to provide an even further range of IR.

Yes we provide one wireless option. This is not usually suggested due to possible issues with wireless communication, reliability, and security risks. This is the case with all wireless cameras.

All of our cameras connect using POE.  This is one wire with the exception of the one wireless camera option. This means that they are powered and communicate on the same wire.

All video is recorded to a local NVR (Network Video Recorder). This ensures the highest reliability and eliminates security concerns.

Yes, the outdoor bullet cam is fully rated for snow, rain, and sun. Temperatures of -22 to 158 F and able to survive hurricane winds. The Dome can be installed under an eve. It does not support full outdoor conditions just the temperatures. The wireless solution is not outdoor rated, but can be installed in an enclosure.


This provides security, reliability, extended throughput, and allows for multiple devices to communicate simultaneously. Equipment will not need to be rebooted and allows additional equipment to be POE based. 

POE is Power over Ethernet. This powers the devices using the switch it is connected to, which allows for less equipment needed, fewer points of failure, and expansion for other future devices. 

This is limited by a power source, but Wireless links can go miles to another property, detached garage, pool, etc. We can make any situation a reality.

Yes, PTP offers free network security and optimization during install. This also includes ensuring you are receiving everything you are paying for from your ISP. We have no issues going toe to toe with your ISP.

Our equipment is very secure out of the box. Updates are released regularly to ensure the highest security and features for your network. Unlike typical consumer equipment. Which will usually maybe only have one or two updates after time of purchase.

VPN is a Virtual Private Network. This allows either users or sites to connect to your internal devices using encrypted traffic to ensure all data is secure.  This allows us to incorporate remote employees, multiple houses, or businesses into one secure network. 


Email: info@ptpintegration.com
Primary: +1 (402) 217-3896 
Secondary: +1 (561) 618-2511


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