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The PTP Mission

The Founders

Our stance on the state of the future Smart Home is that you should not have to use a phone or tablet to control your devices and the performance of the Smart Home should not be restricted or limited by devices that rely on the "Cloud".
Your Smart Home should be able to make logical decisions based on environmental conditions. Not only is this an ongoing goal at PTP but it is also a reality. We are able to put in place advanced test conditions that your home will use to check the state of it's environment and make changes to the environment based on the outcome of those tests.
The "Cloud" while serving a great purpose does not belong anywhere near a secure, functionable Smart Home. Security risks aside, the simple fact that if your internet goes down, or the device manufacturer's server is down, you will lose connection to all of your devices. That is enough to turn a cold shoulder. Our solution is locally installed at your home, ensuring the best security and uptime.



Never have to open an app again.  Your home will work for you and make decisions based on its environment



Keep an eye on your home, deter property loss, and protect your most valuable possessions



Don't settle for typical consumer networking products that need constant reboots and never give you the speeds you're paying for

Presence Detection

Your home will be so smart that it will know if you are there or not, providing endless automations and peace of mind



Devices will log their usage, allowing you to budget, automate, and modify their overall consumption


Do more than your typical security system, flash the lights, sound alarms, send notifications to anyone you choose, and control it remotely Security products also tie in to your Smart Home giving you a two for one deal



Get notified about anything in your home, from anywhere in the world

Command Center

No longer should you have to control your smart devices, PTP's robust automations take care of this for you!  But if you do, you can do it all from one app


Independant Living

Help aging family members and those with disabilities maintain a high quality of life in their own home


Primary: +1 (402) 217-3896 
Secondary: +1 (561) 618-2511


2720 N. 49th St.
Omaha, NE